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 Have You Looked Into Annuities?

Have You Looked Into Annuities?

Did you know that an annuity will provide you income for life? Although there are many benefits to an annuity, that is by far the most appealing and what makes buying into an annuity so appealing for many people. However, there are many factors that go into annuities, and people are often overwhelmed by them. Annuity insurance is a type of insurance that helps you retire happy, with no worries about money. Annuities are good for people who want to avoid the risk of outliving their income and running out of money in retirement. Annuities can also provide financial security if your pension needs topping up or you have been unable to save enough for retirement

That’s why I am here!

I am known for taking something complicated, like an annuity, and breaking it down into simple terms that anyone can understand. I make sure that my clients understand everything and there are no grey areas. That’s why I want to offer you the chance to schedule a call with me. Go over all the different types of annuities and which one we think is best for you. There’s absolutely no obligation on our phone call, I just want to offer you my expertise and answer any questions you may have.

Buy Annuity Policy for Retirement Income. Annuities are a key to happy retirement.

Annuities Make You Retire Happy!

Annuities are insurance products that can be purchased from your insurance company. These policies are often sold by insurers as investments to grow savings for retirement, but they do not always provide the best return on investment. Annuity products make payments over a certain period of time and come in two types: fixed annuities and variable annuities. Fixed annuities generally offer more security than variable annuities because you will receive regular payouts regardless of how well the market does, although this is not guaranteed.

Benefits Of Annuity

Annuities give you a regular stream of income during your retirement years by providing an annual payment from an insurer on behalf of the insured person´s investments, savings accounts, and other assets placed into the policy before the maturity date. Annuity policies are designed so that payments do not begin until later in life, usually when the insured person retires. Annuity income begins as soon as payments start coming from these investments or savings accounts that were set aside for retirement;

This type of insurance gives you peace of mind knowing your family will be taken care of financially if anything happens to you before reaching old age and enjoying golden years together with loved ones who depend on their provider´s earnings each month.

Annuities offer several benefits:

  • The ability to have monthly income guaranteed.
  • The option (and tax benefit) of delaying withdrawals until future years when they are needed most urgently by retirees due to health issues, longer life spans etcetera.
  • Tax deferral means not having to pay any taxes on earnings accrued in the annuity until payments are made.
  • Protection against outliving one´s retirement income.

These Annuities come in two types: immediate and deferred. Immediate annuities start payments soon after they are purchased, while deferred annuities do not begin making payments until a later date. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing between immediate and deferred Annuity Insurance policies; it depends on your needs and goals. For example, if you need the money sooner rather than later, an immediate annuity may be a better option for you. However, if you want to delay taking withdrawals so you can let your money grow tax-deferred, then a deferred Annuity might be a better fit.

The main advantage to buying into an Annuity policy is that it gives you peace of mind knowing your income will be there when needed most! Annuities are also a great way to protect against inflation, which can be devastating if not planned for properly. Annuities do not have an expiration date and can last as long as you want them to! Annuity products often come with benefits such as guaranteed lifetime income payment options and the ability to withdraw money (although there may be tax implications). If you’re looking for more information about whether or not annuities make sense for your retirement plans, please contact us today so we can help figure out what might work best in your situation!

I spoke to Hanson and he was a wealth of knowledge, super friendly and helped me plan for my retirement. I was able to open an IUL to maximize my retirement income and tax-free! I highly recommend talking to Hanson if you are serious about your future.

Elenor Tedowski | Worcester MA