Final Expense Insurance

Ease the burden of final expenses with this popular plan featuring permanent coverage that can last your lifetime. You can’t be turned down due to your health, and, once insured, your rate will never go up! Don't leave your loved ones stuck with the funeral Home bills!

final expense insurance

Getting life insurance is fast, affordable, and simple. Which is why more than a million families have chosen to get policies with us.

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Final expense insurance also referred to as burial

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What is Final Expense Insurance?

Funeral costs are rising and already expensive. With life insurance, your loved ones can make sure your favorite flowers are there for the celebration of your life. With Access Life, you can get a quote in seconds, apply in minutes, and get covered in hours. All it takes is a few clicks to start helping protect your loved ones.

Final expense insurance, also known as burial insurance, is a type of life insurance that is specifically designed to cover funeral costs after a loved one passes away. Unlike pre-paid funeral plans, final expense insurance can be used by the beneficiary you designate as and where needed rather than being limited to specific funeral services and providers. With the cost of an average funeral running into the thousands $$, a final expense policy can provide much-needed protection from not only burial expenses but also any remaining medical costs, potential legal costs as well as other outlays.

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      The agent explained all my final expense insurance options, was very knowledgeable and the rates were great for someone on limited income like me.

      Robert Wulinsky Boston MA

      Funeral expenses are getting out of control. When my brother died I had to do a Fundme page for him. So I did not want my kids to do the same. That is why I bought this insurance

      Jeff Thompson Newton MA

        Final expense insurance, also referred to as burial insurance, covers end-of-life expenses including funeral arrangements and any remaining medical or legal expenses that will need to be settled by your beneficiary. This coverage can ensure that your loved ones aren't left with a financial burden, as the average funeral can cost $10,000 or more.


        inal expense insurance is one of the most affordable types of life insurance. Final Expense policy starts as low as $53 per month. Plus, the approval process is quick and easy. You may even start your coverage on the same day you apply.

        Burial insurance in Massachusetts and New Hampshire is an affordable way to give your family financial protection. Here are some of the advantages:

        • No medical exam

        Certain types of life insurance require a medical exam, but not a burial insurance policy. Unless you have a serious pre-existing medical condition, you'll likely be able to get coverage.

        • Lower premiums

        Final expense life insurance rates start from $53 per month, with coverage amounts ranging from $5,000 to $35,000.

        • Payment flexibility

        You get to choose if you want to pay your premium monthly or annually.

        Burial insurance policies cover the costs incurred by the death of a loved one. There are a number of costs associated with a death, so having final expense coverage is important. Some of the essentials covered include:

        • Funeral arrangements, including embalming, casket, flowers, and services
        • Burial costs, including cremation, burial plot, headstone, and interment
        • Outstanding medical, legal, or credit card bills

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